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Our Companies

P.D. Hook (Rearing) Limited works with the world’s leading breed companies including Aviagen and Hubbard. Birds are brought in at day old and reared for 18 weeks across our farming base. We aim to produce uniform birds at the highest welfare standards in preparation for lay on the Breeder Farms.

Investment has been made in new farms with automated spin feeder systems to ensure good feed distribution in a natural way to allow us to produce more even and uniformed birds.


P.D. Hook (Breeders) Limited was established in 1993 to give bio security and traceability across a farming base that provides uniform and quality fertile hatching eggs into P.D. Hook (Hatcheries).

Regionalisation of rearing and breeding has enabled the development of a safe, bio-secure and efficient integrated agricultural operation.


P.D. Hook (Hatcheries) Ltd was founded in the 1950s when the British broiler industry was in its infancy. We have over 65 years’ experience and our ability to satisfy our customers’ needs has enabled us to expand our operations.

With eight Hatcheries strategically placed across the UK, all fitted with advanced Chick Master, Emtech, Petersime and Pas Reform setters and hatchers, we are well placed to supply the current and future needs of our customers.

We have the capacity to hatch over 10,000,000 chicks per week. Our skilled staff, exceptionally well equipped farms and hatcheries ensure that our customers only receive broiler chicks that are of the highest standard.


Established in 2006, Hook2Sisters Limited has been set out to produce healthy broilers to the highest welfare standards. The business now grows 6 million chickens across the full spectrum of systems including Standard, Freedom Food, Oakham, Free Range and Organic.