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Better Chicken Commitment

P.D. Hook (Hatcheries) Ltd Better Chicken Commitment

A number of our customers have made commitments to follow and implement the standards set out in the Better Chicken Commitment by 2026. We are committed to working with our customers to ensure we provide products that meet their demands and adhere to the standards set out in the Better Chicken Commitment, which include the following:

  • Comply with all EU animal welfare laws and regulations, regardless of the country of production.
  • Implement a maximum stocking density of 30kg/m2 or less. Thinning is discouraged and if practiced must be limited to one thin per flock.
  • Adopt breeds that demonstrate higher welfare outcomes: either the following breeds, Redbro, Hubbard Norfolk Black, JA757, 787, 957, or 987,
  • Rambler Ranger, Ranger Classic, and Ranger Gold, or others that meet the criteria of the RSPCA Broiler Breed Welfare Assessment Protocol.
  • Meet improved environmental standards including:
  • At least 50 lux of light, including natural light.
  • At least two metres of usable perch space, and two pecking substrates, per 1,000 birds.
  • On air quality, the maximum requirements of Annex 2.3 of the EU broiler directive, regardless of stocking density.
  • No cages or multi-tier systems.
  • Adopt controlled atmospheric stunning using inert gas or multi-phase systems, or effective electrical stunning without live inversion.
  • Demonstrate compliance with the above standards via third-party auditing and annual public reporting on progress towards this commitment.